Carpet Care & Maintenance

Follow our top tips for maintaining your carpet floors. 

Daily Carpet Care

While carpet may require more maintenance than some other flooring options, it is still, on the whole, fairly easy to care for and maintain. 

With carpet, vacuuming is the best way to ensure both beauty and performance. When you vacuum, you are helping to remove dirt, dust, and other debris from the fibers of your carpet. These dirt and dust particles can cause premature wear on your carpet and cause it to take on a lackluster appearance over time. Vacuuming should be completed as often as the room requires depending on foot-traffic. 

You may also elect to place entry mats near your doors, encourage guests always to remove their shoes, and opt for professional carpet cleaning machinery or services periodically. 

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Dirt & Debris

When it comes to dirt and debris on your carpet floors, the cleanup process is really as simple as vacuuming the mess up. The longer you wait to address solid or liquid spills, the more likely the mess and/or substance will work its way into the fibers and cause long-term damage. Start by vacuuming solid messes, and then you can move on to more drastic measures as needed. 

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Tough Stains

When liquid spills occur on your carpet, the key is to act fast. The longer you wait to address these messes, the higher the likelihood of your carpet fibers or the subflooring taking on damage. Start by absorbing the substance with a clean cloth before obtaining another clean cloth and blotting out the mess with cold water. If the stain persists, consult your manufacturer.