Vinyl Care & Maintenance

Learn best practices for maintaining your vinyl floors!

Daily Vinyl Care

Vinyl floors are resistant to water thus they offer simple maintenance. The key to ensuring that your vinyl floors age well over the years is committing to small day-to-day care tasks. Your ability to execute those things will have a direct effect on how good your vinyl looks. 

When it comes to vinyl, sweeping is essential. By investing in a broom and putting it to use on a regular basis, you can help to remove dirt and other debris that will cause wear on your vinyl floors. How often you need to sweep will depend on the foot traffic and overall use of the vinyl rooms in question. 

You can also wet mop your vinyl floors but be wary of using too much water. Damp mopping might be a better description of what should be done. 

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Dirt & Debris

Dirt and solid messes do not need to harm your vinyl floors! The key to avoiding damage when a mess occurs is to sweep up solid messes immediately after they take place. The longer you wait, the more likely damage is to occur by way of scratching or general grunge. Solid messes can and should be dealt with swiftly. 

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Tough Stains

When liquid spills occur on your vinyl floor, the key is to act fast. The longer a substance sits on your vinyl, the more likely it is to cause lingering damage. So when a liquid mess takes place, wipe it up with a cloth quickly to eliminate the possibility of damage. If the mess persists, consult your manufacturer.