Hardwood Care & Maintenance

Learn top tips and best practices for maintaining your hardwood floors. 

Daily Hardwood Care

Hardwood flooring is tough and will last longer than other flooring options. With that said, to ensure that your hardwood looks good while it ages, some basic care and maintenance are essential. 

When it comes to daily hardwood care, the process revolves around basic sweeping. Yes, it's really that simple. By sweeping your hardwood floors, you can work to remove dirt, dust, and other debris that are present. This debris can scratch your floors and cause premature wear and tear. How often you sweep will depend on how busy your household is. You may also mop your hardwood floors but only do so with a mop that is damp. You never want too much water on your hardwood for fear that they might warp. 

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Dirt & Debris

As previously mentioned, dirt and debris can be handled by way of a broom and dustpan. To mitigate the amount of dirt that enters your home, place entry mats near the doors of your home and encourage your guests to always remove their shoes. In general, it is good to limit dirt or any other outside substance from entering your home and making its way onto your hardwood floors. 

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Tough Stains

When it comes to hardwood flooring, stains are generally not an issue. Part of the appeal of hardwood is that it is tough on spills, scratches, and accidents. So when a liquid accident takes place on your hardwood floors, grab a towel and wipe up the mess immediately to avoid lingering damage. The longer you wait, the more likely an issue is to take place.